Aviation Law

With our Principal Lawyer being a commercial pilot and having a passion for aviation we offer services in relation to aviation law. This is another area of complex law with multiple pieces of legislation and regulation of course directly governed by the Australian regulatory body CASA.

We assist pilots, aerial operators and commercial operations in knowing their rights and often defending those rights through legal processes involving the regulatory body.

As we know, Aviation survives on a background of safety. Sometimes people are prosecuted by CASA for breaches of legislation and in particular safety rules. It is the combination of our Principal’s experiencing in both criminal law and aviation which places him in a unique situation to be able to assist clients who have been served with a notice of prosecution for breaches.

If you have had a run in with CASA or any regulatory body related to aviation and or the environment please contact our office so that we can give you the expert assistance you’re seeking. We find it is always better to deal with these matters early and attempt to negotiate an outcome to resolution which allows the regulatory body to fulfil its functions whilst protecting you/the respondent/defendant at all times. Call us now.