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When it comes to divorce, you need the right advice and representation. Save U Legal family lawyers near Cabarita have extensive experience in all aspects of separation and divorce for both married and de-facto couples.

When it comes to divorce, you need the right advice and representation. Save U Legal family lawyers near Cabarita have extensive experience in all aspects of separation and divorce for both married and de-facto couples.

Do I need a divorce?

Divorce is a term often used broadly to express a relationship breakdown. Some people mean the official divorce, which is the court’s decree that a legitimate marriage is over. Others use it as a general term that includes not only the official divorce but also arrangements concerning children and the division of assets and properties between partners, whether in a marriage or a same-sex relationship.

When discussing your needs with a law firm, ensure they understand exactly what you want to achieve. The three primary areas in family law are children’s matters, property settlements, and the official divorce. People often confuse property settlements with buying or selling a house. In family law, a property settlement refers to the division of assets and liabilities between parties, including superannuation, bank accounts, vehicles, and other assets, as well as debts.

Some clients know exactly what they want—a divorce. They are usually very upset or angry, making the divorce their top priority. Two important points to note:

  1. You cannot get a divorce until you have been separated for 12 months.
  2. After the divorce, you only have 12 months to file an application to a court for a property settlement. The law imposes this time limit.

We always advise dealing with the property settlement first, then getting the divorce. This way, you avoid any issues with running out of time.

Save U Legal solicitors and lawyers in Tweed Heads service Cabarita on the Gold Coast can guide you through the myriad of family law issues and assist you in reaching your desired outcome. Take advantage of our free consultation for family law matters so that we can give you a quick rundown of your options. Contact our office for more information about our services.

Family Law in Cabarita

You are never too far from dependable legal expertise and representation in Cabarita, should you or a loved one urgently need it. Save U Legal supports individuals and their families across various areas of family law, providing the expertise you seek.

If you need a family lawyer to support you through challenging matters like separation or divorce, know that we approach our clients with empathy, helping them navigate these difficulties without needless cost or time.

We are trusted family lawyers that Cabarita and Gold Coast locals can count on. We understand that securing our services can prevent trying family law situations from being prolonged unnecessarily.

Whether it’s separation from your spouse or more complicated matters involving children, you can always rely on our team’s expertise in family law.

We bring years of experience and expertise in specialist legal fields to help our clients find effective resolutions and relief from trying times in their family lives. Additionally, if you need assistance with wills and estate planning, our family lawyers are ready to help.Preperty Settlement

Affordable and Comprehensive Legal Services in Cabarita

At Save U Legal on the Gold Coast, we strive to provide our clients with accessible and cost-effective legal services that offer peace of mind regarding their family well-being. This includes planning for the future through estate planning or will preparation.

Our experience with these matters equips us with the knowledge and foresight to help our clients anticipate future scenarios they or their loved ones might need to address.

With our help, you can secure peace of mind, especially if you expect to focus on important future milestones.

Our solicitors in Cabarita are well-versed in a range of family law areas. Common enquiries from our clients include:

  • Assistance with separation and divorce
  • Advice and representation on children’s matters
  • Understanding traffic law
  • Consulting on matters requiring the expertise of criminal lawyers


Trusted and Experienced Family Legal Support in Cabarita

If you need a reliable lawyer in your corner, know that we are just a phone call away. Our Gold Coast law firm has helped many in the community find timely and effective support across various intricate and challenging circumstances.

Whether your need is urgent or requires our extensive knowledge and experience, Save U Legal near Cabarita is here to help.

Save U Legal – Assisting Cabarita Residents in All Aspects of Family Law

No matter how complex your circumstances, rest assured that reliable legal services are within reach. Do not hesitate to call our firm at 5599 1705 to find the qualified support you need.