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When it comes to divorce, you need to get the right advice and representation from expert divorce lawyer Tweed Heads & Gold Coast. Save U Legal family lawyers near Casuarina have experience in all aspects of separation and divorce for married or de-facto couples.

Do I need a divorce?

The thing about divorce is that people tend to use the word widely when expressing a relationship breakdown. So some people mean the actual divorce  – that is the official decree as made by court that the legitimate marriage is over. Others use it as an all-encompassing phrase meaning the separation of the couple which involves not only the official divorce but also arrangements around what happens with the children and the split up of the assets and properties of the husband / wife partners or same sex couple.

Anytime you’re talking to a law firm you should make sure that they know exactly what you are wanting to achieve. The three primary areas in relation to family law are children’s matters; property settlements; and the official divorce. Often, people get confused around what they actually need in family law and believe that a property settlement refers to the buying or selling of a house.

When family lawyers talk about a property settlement we talk about the division of assets and liabilities between the parties i.e. husband and wife or de-facto partners which might not include that house but also usually takes into account things like dividing superannuation; bank accounts; vehicles and other assets as well as debts.

Then there are those clients who know exactly what they want – a divorce. Usually they are so angry or upset that this is more important for them than anything else. Two points to note.

1. You cant get a divorce until you have been separated for 12 months.

2. You should be aware that AFTER the divorce you only have 12 months to file an application to a court to conduct a property settlement. The Law places a time limit.

It is always our advice to deal with the property settlement first – THEN get the divorce. That way you don’t run into any issues of running out of time.

Our Lawyers at Save U Legal law firm near Casuarina can guide you through the myriad of family law issues and assist you to get to the destination you need. Take advantage of our free consultation for family law matters so that we can give you a quick rundown as to your options. Contact our office for more information.

Family Law in Casuarina

One will always hope for the best outcomes, no matter the circumstances a person faces in life. However, it is often prudent that individuals and families are able to access reliable and capable legal services, especially when matters do not always turn out as expected. Whether you anticipate a future need for family lawyers or are experiencing present circumstances that warrant help from lawyers Casuarina families can trust, look to our family law solicitors at Save U Legal. We are among family lawyers who can help with an extensive range of legal services, and these include:

  • Assistance with matters of family law, including help with children’s’ matters
  • Advice on issues regarding criminal law and traffic law, as well as
  • Consultation on matters of wills and estates.

Our solicitors understands that no two legal scenarios are ever completely identical but will always be able to draw upon our years of qualified experiences, as well as our team members’ respective knowledge within their specialist law disciplines. Trust that you are never far from finding dependable and comprehensive legal support if you live or work in Casuarina NSW and need to seek the assistance of lawyers whom Casuarina families can recommend.

Preperty Settlement

Because we pay the utmost attention to approach every matter with empathy and a focus on understanding our clients, you can always trust our family law solicitors to apply our expertise and knowledge towards helping you arrive at your desired legal outcomes

Professional Legal Expertise that You and Your Family Can Count on in Casuarina

Family life is full of milestones and phases, often pleasant, but sometimes challenging for individuals to have to experience. Some such challenges may require professional legal advice, especially if any infringements were to concern members of your family. In areas such as family law, criminal law or traffic law, know that finding help from trusted family lawyers in Casuarina should be among your first priorities.

With help from our legal team, you will be able to save yourself from needless worry, especially if you or a loved one have the misfortune of being involved in minor traffic infringements. Traffic law happens to be among the areas we often consult with our clients on, and our expertise can also extend into broader matters pertaining to criminal law.


Family Law Services to Assist Families in Casuarina

Additionally, our scope of legal expertise also encompasses knowledge in areas of wills & estates, as well as matters involving divorce or separation. Circumstances that involve separation and divorce proceedings can sometimes present emotional challenges that can obscure a person from making timely and objective decisions. This is where our family lawyers can help, especially if your situation might also involve children’s matters that require court attention.

With such scenarios often presenting their own share of difficulty for the adults, there is simply no sense in prolonging such matters, to the misfortune of any children who might be involved in a divorce or separation. No matter the intricacies involved, know that you are within reach of finding reliable legal expertise in Casuarina. Call our family lawyers today on (07) 5599 1705 to see what we can do to assist.

Save U Legal – Saving You and Your Loved Ones from Needless Legal Difficulty

Regardless of the circumstances you face, or situations you have considered seeking legal advice on, know that we are never out of reach to residents in Casuarina. Our team of family lawyers are experts in a variety of specialist legal fields including family law, and can be relied upon even in matters that require urgent advice.

Do not hesitate to call our offices on 5599 1705 if you or a loved one are in need of legal expertise.